Tuesday, July 21, 2009

** A Fabulous Find **

Hello and welcome to this week's 'A Fabulous Find'. This is actually REALLY cool for we artsy fartsy types!

Thanks to Sofa City Sweethearts a new website, Etsy Co-op has been born for Etsy sellers. It's intended to help sellers find one another to share booth space in local craft fairs (in order to cut overhead costs). It would be awesome if you joined the forum! She just added a post for San Diego (great for me!). Members of the forum can post events that they wish to attend and request someone to share space with them. BRILLIANT! :) (In fact here's MY latest forum posting http://www.etsyco-op.com/event-forum.html then go to Western US Events and click on California)

So be sure to log on to this fabulous forum at http://www.etsyco-op.com/ and visit Sofa City Sweethearts Etsy shop for some really groovy decor ALL PRICED UNDER $50!! WOW!!!

xoxo, Maggie

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

** A Fabulous Find **

Super thrilled!!! Although a couple days late...here is this week's Fabulous Find! I am in contact with a gal who owns a Boston based business and she loves my stuff. She wants to sell several of my pieces in her online boutique...wow! I'm working on getting her to approve 4-6 designs exclusive to her boutique. That way, she can list them once and sell them over and over. It would be a drop ship deal so every time a sale went through, I would build the piece and drop ship it for her.

I sent her a small scale sample today (pictured). She really has a cool business doing Princess Events and the business is called Princess Sharon . Please visit her website and see all of the party themes she offers. I want to create a keepsake box design per theme as well 4-6 chic designs for her boutique.

I'm very excited about this business prospect! Cross 'em...it's very promising! :) www.PrincessSharon.com
xoxo, Maggie

Sunday, July 5, 2009


I wish everyone a happy and safe Fourth of July...and so does Gracie! :)

Thank you to our Armed Forces for ALL that you do for our country. GOD BLESS THE USA!!!

xoxo, Maggie