Friday, June 5, 2009

One Lovely Blog Award

Nothing pleases me more than getting the dirty low down on everything! Now I'm REALLY pleased because not only do I get the scoop, but I got a One Lovely Blog Award too! What a true honor for someone who has only been blogging a short time. I just recently became a 'follower' of Lori Storrs, the girl behind the Dirty Low Down, and I love her blog! Thanks so much for this One Lovely Blog Award, Lori. xoxo

Please take the time to visit Lori in all her glory: BLOG: Dirty Low Down ETSY: Dirt Road South it's well worth the visit.

Per Lori, I must now pass on the torch to 15 other lovely blogs... and it is my pleasure to do so!

Thank you again to Lori of Dirt Road South and the Dirty Low Down. You little ROCK STAR!
xoxo, Maggie