Friday, May 8, 2009

A Pack Rat Who Hates Clutter...

Well, we all know there's two types of people in this world...the pack rat and the person who hates clutter. I, however am the WORST type...I'm a pack rat who hates clutter! This is quite the predicament, as you can well guess. My solution?

One night while sifting through mounds of books, decorative items, my little art pieces that my kids have made me over the years (of which I cannot part with!), clothes I haven't worn in ages because I swear I will again one day, blankets and pillows for my guests and so much more, a little light went off in my head, "I should really have a home for all of this stuff!" Now I know the first thing that comes to mind is 'duh!' but you have to understand, a true pack rat doesn't understand that concept. Nope, we prefer to stare at our 'stuff' with such pride knowing how long it took to collect it all and let's face it...if that big pile of stuff could talk, right? Ah, the memories! Well, this is where my sickness comes in. I got so sick of staring at my pile of stuff that I immediately requested of my husband one large floor trunk to be built. He was on it right away (well of course he was... he's a person who hates clutter!). The next day I had my fabulous wooden trunk and away I went. Over the next 24-hours, I created the most groovy textile trunk that doubles as window seating and it's STUFFED with my guest blankets, pillows and family games. I continued doing this until all of stuff had homes. That was 2004... I have been designing and creating handmade textile trunks every since. :) Listen, I almost lost all of my stuff in a Feng Shui attack so my trunks really saved the life of my pile of stuff. When I was done with this huge task I knew there would be other people out there in need of one-of-kind, groovy storage. Voila! Studio M Decor was born.

I sold my trunks for years in the renowned Cedros Design District in Solana Beach, California and did very well. I am really excited to have recently launched my online studio in which I build tabletop pieces (trinket boxes, wedding planner boxes, etc) and offer custom motifs, as well. This is a true passion for me! I love to create, create, create - especially when I get to create a customized piece for someone's home... it also gives me peace when I see their pile of stuff and realize... I'm not the only pack rat who hates clutter. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.


  1. yeah on the new blog! Love the ottomon!

  2. please tell me your secret for getting a man to do ANYTHING in 24 hours. you should sell that on etsy..."how to make your husband do what you so very nicely ask"