Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Color Pink I Don't Care For...that's a first!

Crummy economy, shopping shut down, budget cuts... oh my!

My favorite color on the planet is pink. It always has been and always will be. However, recently there is a pink I don't care for... the mighty PINK SLIP! We're becoming a 'Pink Slip Nation' with the unemployment rate soaring. I am a casualty of it since December 2008 with no work in sight. Although it hasn't been easy, I believe there is a solve that each of us can do personally that will hopefully behoove us in the long run.

My solve? Take this time to 'follow your bliss'. Start your own business, sell your creative designs and crafts, clean out your closets and post it all on Ebay, take on clients by posting their items on Ebay for a percentage fee. Do not...I repeat do NOT, wallow in tears, show your weakness or just plain give up. This is the time to stand up tall, wipe your tears and be a survivor!

Network, network, network!!! Support your friends during these tough times and don't be afraid to ask for the same support. Without our 'people' what's the point? Six degrees of separation is a huge reality. With the help of 'forwards' and 'forums' I have made so many new friends and contacts and will continue to! I am so grateful for them too. :)

In the long run you just may have started a successful business that will thrive long after this nasty recession. If that is something you've dreamed of doing for years, then go for it NOW!

I want to take this opportunity to thank my friends, family, blog followers, facebook fan page fans and future contacts for your continued support and please know that you can always count on me for the same. We can get through this... and we WILL. xoxo, Maggie

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