Friday, June 19, 2009

What do ya think?

So I've launched a new online studio called artONart for my new series of Textile 3D Wall Art. Please take the time to check out my first two listings...and check back as I will be adding more pieces soon! Basically it's your FEEDBACK that I'm looking for. I ADORE the pieces that I create, but will potential customers?

I'm such a nut for interior design that I actually redecorate my home by the season! I love to be able to create an entire new look with simple things like new pillow covers and Wall Art. I was really inspired to do Wall Art that jumped out and thus, my Textile 3D Wall Art was born! I love it so much that it inspired me to launch my new online studio and sell it. :)

One of them is pictured's called "Madame Butterfly". So again, will you let me know what you think? It would mean the world to me...thanks so much!
xoxo, Maggie

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